We have developed textile solutions for applications on our range of products and are experts in understanding customer’s requirements. Not only are we highly competent with our production solutions, we also strive to make our systems more efficient to increase capacity whilst reducing overall cost of products.


Bringing the latest in technology and continued improvisation in processes is a key feature in the development of our products. Bella Casas focus on innovative means of production and product design add to the value in making not only the finest in Bed sheets , Quilts & Ethnic wear for women, but also new and improved Distribution and Sales methods.

Our determination in fine tuning every process in house has lead us to create a variety of different products, the best in its category.


Quilts made without any human touch using completely automated manufacturing processes has improvised the efficiency at each stage and brought the product to an extremely competitive cost structure.


After months of engineering tailoring, we have created a completely reversible kurta. Each side can be worn like two different styles. This efforts is one out of many to include unique value additions in each product manufactured at our facility.


Our philosophy is to create a product line that is intrinsic to the daily lives of our customer.