The Indian consumer market comprises of large and young middle class sector with a growing purchasing power and rising influence of social media. This enables the consumer to spend on quality products with their spending bracket anticipated to grow more that double by the year 2025.

Global corporations eye India as one of the key markets where growth in consumers would primarily be driven by its favorable young population and increase in its disposable income. It is estimated that on current growth rates, the average household income will triple over the next 2 decades, making this the world’s fifth-largest consumer economy.

These favorable market conditions define Bella Casa’s business plan. We plan to keep growing our manufacturing & distribution capacity to capture larger shares of this market.

Products like Bedsheets, Quilts and Ethnic womens wear kurtas not only have a huge demands in the domestic market, they are also part of core livelihoods and hence call out for a repeated sales within a single household. These product categories comprise the main line manufacturing at Bella Casa, and hence add to the business in terms of stability and growth.

Bella Casa is a company created out of domain knowledge of our home team, based on which, we were and are building a robust relationship with our partners.The focus of our product development remains at being trendy to open the market amongst the very  fashion conscious and well informed youth of India.

The open markets, creative competition, high economic growth rates essentially bring in huge surplus income, that drives the aspiration amongst half a billion people to pick up the best.

Bella Casa is very conscious about its role towards its shareholders. The company focuses on capital appreciation to give good returns to its investors. With both macro and micro variables in place, we continue to maintain high growth paths in both sales and profits, to help create wealth appreciation for all our shareholders.

Honest reporting, best corporate practices, complete disclosures at each stage is the hallmark of team Bella Casa.